Dereham youngster on the mend after bike injury

A mother has spoken of her son's ordeal when his leg was ripped open in a biking mishap – and of her surprise that few people went to his aid.

Harvey Brown, 10, from Norwich Road, Dereham, was returning from Neatherd Moor when his left foot slipped, causing the pedal to drive through his calf muscle close to an artery.

He was only six houses away from his home when the accident happened at around 7.10pm on Tuesday, July 17.

His mother Amy, a family support practitioner for East Anglia's Children's Hospices, said: 'The first thing he said to me when he came through the door was: 'Help me, Mum – help. It's really bad.'

'I knew instantly it was really bad because Harvey has a high pain threshold. I could tell from Marcus's (her husband) face it was more than just a scratch. I felt panic-stricken.'

She added that a five-inch- long area of skin had come away, his leg was covered in blood and his ligaments were exposed.

Harvey, a St Nicholas Junior School pupil, was riding his seven-year-old sister's bike at the time of the accident, which happened on the pavement. He said two joggers ran past him while he was on the ground, which made him feel lonely, and he had to hop back home on his right leg.

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Mrs Brown said: 'I was just gutted that the joggers didn't take the time to see where he lived. It made me feel very tearful that no one helped him.'

In due course someone in a car did stop and check if he was OK.

Harvey said: 'It wasn't that painful at first, but it was stinging. I thought the wound was my imagination at first.'

He was treated in casualty at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital.

He received injections and 16 stitches where the skin was sewn back together, but it is believed the area of affected skin has died and might have to be artificially regrown.

Harvey added: 'I won't touch my sister's bike again.'