A teacher was left in awe after her school was able to fill 40 bags full of donations for people in Ukraine.

Keren Noble, head of year seven at Dereham Neatherd High School wanted to help out having seen the work of other volunteers in the town. She reached out to Ian Odgers who provided a list of essentials they were missing.

The school were originally given 20 bags to fill in four days, they were able to provide 40 bags full of donations - from school equipment to medical supplies, and clothes.

This was part of Dereham’s appeal, the pencil project, to supply school items to those who have their education disturbed following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Miss Nobel said the children went above and beyond to help raise all these supplies: “It is amazing, I felt that I wanted to do something, but to have so many children come rallying around was incredible.

“The entire school rallied around and I was in awe of how much we managed to raise in the four days since we set it up.

“Children came during lunch to sort through bags, they were tripping over themselves to help.

“It was very emotional, especially because taken the time to write words of encouragement. One year seven drew a Ukraine flag with the phrase of ‘you got this’, it is so so lovely.”

Morrison in Dereham supplied yellow and blue stationery bags which the school filled with educational items.

The medical practitioner has filled five boxes with medical items and feminine products.

These will be added to other essential items on lorries that are due to leave this weekend.

Ian Odgers, who has been a figurehead for the work in Dereham, said: “We are looking to work with more local schools to promote the "pencil project", which was the Morrison’s community champion’s idea, to help supply school equipment to those that have had to flee their country but will still need schooling. Along with the much needed essential items, this will help sort those in their hour of need.

Peerless Plastics and Coatings are still accepting the following donations. Email iodgers@peerless-coatings.co.uk to arrange a drop off.