‘A totally disgusting act’ - Police officers spat on during night shifts

Picture: Ian Burt.

Picture: Ian Burt. - Credit: IAN BURT

A police officer has taken to social media to describe how he has been spat on during two consecutive night shifts.


Fakenham Pc Jon Parker wrote on social media on Saturday that he and two of his colleagues had been spat on during different incidents over the previous two nights, adding that he still had spit on his uniform.

The tweet prompted a response from Police Federation Norfolk branch chairman Andy Symonds, who called it a “totally disgusting act”.

However, both men did highlight that the officers involved were wearing body worn video cameras and the footage that has been captured will be used as evidence against the perpetrators.

There has been a 32pc increase in the number of assaults on police in the past year and more than 500 attacks on officers occurred in Norfolk during that period.


In response, the Police Federation has been spearheading a campaign to “protect the protectors” and this has

helped push the Emergency Workers (Offences) Bill to be debated in the House of Commons.

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MPs agreed to back the bill in April and North Norfolk MP Norman Lamb said at the House of Commons that he welcomes

the bill, which will now be debated in the House of Lords.

He said: “Emergency workers deserve our respect and support. They often find themselves in very challenging situations dealing with very angry and distressed people. It is important that we are giving them the protection they need so I support the bill.

“The one caveat I do have is that they are sometimes dealing with people who are fraught and distressed and angry because of circumstances that may be very traumatic and indeed they may be in the middle of a mental health crisis. It is important we deal with people sensitively.

“Of course anyone who gratuitously gets themselves blind drunk and becomes violent as a result must take the consequences of their actions.

“But there are sometimes circumstances when people behave in a certain way – which might be related to their mental health – and I want to make sure that we deal with them compassionately.”