Girl group Vanquish to perform at Northgate High School in Dereham

An up-and-coming girl band will be performing at Dereham's Northgate High School fresh after touring with Westlife.

Vanquish, which features Bee, from Glasgow, Holly, from Surrey, Lizzy, from London, and Rianna, from Essex, is heading back to school for a new tour and is due to perform at the school on Monday, July 16, at 9am.

The girls will sing songs from their debut album, including their first single The Harder You Love, which was released in May.

Vanquish, which is also supporting Steps on their UK tour this month, will also be performing at Hellesdon High School, Norwich, at 12.30pm on Monday, July 16.

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The video for The Harder You Love can be seen by visiting