Can you help find missing Mimi the cat?

Mimi, a brown rosetted Bengal cat, went missing from her home in Hockering

Mimi, a brown rosetted Bengal cat, went missing from her home in Hockering - Credit: Lewis Richardson

A distraught couple have issued a plea for the public's help after their beloved cat went missing. 

Mimi, a brown rosetted Bengal, bolted out the front door of her home in Albatross Road, in Hockering, on Tuesday (November 9) evening. 

The four-year-old then darted in the direction of fields leading towards the main part of the village, but has not been seen since. 

Lewis Richardson and his partner, Gemma, from Hockering, are offering a £1,000 for the safe return of their missing cat, Mimi

Lewis Richardson and his partner, Gemma, from Hockering, are offering a £1,000 for the safe return of their missing cat, Mimi - Credit: Lewis Richardson

Days later, Mimi's owner Lewis Richardson and his partner, Gemma, are desperate to find their pet.

"We only moved to Hockering a few weeks ago and we have not let her out because we have got the A47 right behind us," said Mr Richardson, who works as a mortgage advisor. 

"On Tuesday, we'd been out for a few hours and shut Mimi in the lounge with all her food and everything she needs. 

"We got home with some shopping and, as soon as Gemma opened the lounge door, she bolted out. But the front door was still open and she bolted out of there too."

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Mr Richardson immediately left to search for the runaway feline, who answers to 'Mimi girl', even enlisting the help of family members. 

They stayed out from 9.30pm until 1.30am, but their efforts were frustrated by darkness. 

On Wednesday, Mr Richardson was out searching from 7.30am having cancelled all his appointments for the day. 

Posters have been put up in various nearby towns and villages in the hope someone might have spotted Mimi, while neighbours have been encouraged to check their outbuildings. 

Already, the search has seemingly caught the attention of complete strangers. 

"We had two cars turn up near our house at about 8.30pm last night and they started walking up and down the road with torches, searching for Mimi," added Mr Richardson.

"It is difficult with a cat because you don't want them to get scared and run off. 

"People will say 'it is just a cat', but we don't have any children so, to us, she is our baby."

If you spot Mimi, call Mr Richardson on 07453988500. 

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