Expansion plans at a popular Norfolk tourist attraction have been given the go-ahead despite neighbours' concerns about noise.

Dinosaur-themed adventure park Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure at Lenwade has been given planning permission which will allow it to increase in size by 25pc and attract an extra 200,000 visitors a year.

While supporters argue the plans will be a benefit to the area, objectors said there will be too much noise from the site coming from rides, music and screaming children.

Broadland District Council were due to give a decision at a meeting last month but deferred the decision so they could visit the attraction.

At a planning meeting on Wednesday, councillors approved the scheme.

The council's planning officer told the committee he considers the development to be acceptable, arguing there are "significant economic benefits", including job creation.

Ruth Goodall, Weston Longville Parish Councillor, said Roarr! had come a long way from "embedding dinosaurs in the natural environment".

Ms Goodall accused the park's bosses of shifting towards a "Pleasurewood Hills style theme park" which would be a noisy neighbour.

Other objectors called for the application to be withdrawn until adequate sound protection measures could be put in place.

Experts speaking on behalf of the developer said the scheme had been designed to minimise disruption on neighbours and all noise levels are expected to be below levels of concern.

Peter Bulman, Broadland councillor for Weston Longville, said no one was against the plans "in principle" but they were against the way it was being implemented, describing it as "intrusive".

Conservative committee member John Fisher threw his support behind the plans.

He said: "It is an important employer. I know people that visit on a regular basis and I think when you look at an attraction like this there is a need to improve and change rides, make them more attractive so you have people visiting on a regular basis. I think we have to bear that in mind."

Mr Fisher also welcomed plans to improve ecology in the area with a moth meadow and extra planting for the site.

The application was approved with one abstention.

Adam Goymour, park director at Roarr! said: “This is a momentous time in Roarr!’s history and we are incredibly excited to begin the next stage of this significant project – one which has been nearly four years in the planning."

Mr Goymore said it would help expand the park's offering and more for guests to discover and enjoy.