50 solar panels could power rural manor and heat pool

solar panel on building roof

Money from Net Zero Grants can be used to help Norfolk firms reduce their carbon emissions - Credit: New Anglia Growth Hub

A modern manor house in the Wensum Valley could be powered by dozens of solar panels, which would also help heat its pool.

The owner of Lakeside Manor in Lenwade has submitted plans to Broadland District Council (BDC) to build a 50-panel farm on the 8.65-acre site.

The energy would be used to power the five-bedroom house, a helicopter hanger and heat a swimming pool.

A planning statement to BDC said the scheme would help reduce the property's environmental impact.

It said: "The landowners recognise the environmental impact of the use of fossil fuels on the climate and most reverently wishes to reduce the carbon output of the property whilst significantly reducing fossil fuel electricity consumption."

If BDC gives the plan the go-ahead work is expected to last one week.

The panels would stay in place for at least 25 years.