Labour calls for Breckland Council to reserve house sale income for new affordable housing

Money that Breckland Council receives from people who buy their social housing should be ring fenced for investment in new affordable housing, the Labour opposition leader has said.

Terry Jermy said the council received �3.5m from the right to buy over the past 10 years, but had only spent �2m on affordable housing during the same period.

Figures obtained under the Freedom of Information Act showed receipts were highest in 2003-04 when the council received �1.2m, but fell to �284,000 last year.

Mr Jermy told today's full council meeting that 66 affordable homes were built in the district in the last financial year, but neighbouring South Norfolk Council had exceeded its affordable housing target.

Council leader William Nunn said South Norfolk built more social housing because a total of three times as many houses had been built there compared to Breckland, but he hoped the progress of area actions plans would enable more social housing to be built in the future.

Conservative cabinet member Ian Sherwood said 20pc of new housing in Breckland last year was affordable, and added: 'I think in the current economic situation 20pc is not to be just brushed aside. It is a very good number.'