Landowner of Dereham’s One Stop and Sunflower House takeaway speaks out about parking enforcement

The landowner of a Dereham convenience store and Chinese takeaway where a parking dispute has broken out insisted there was 'no option' but to start enforcement.

Zevy Shainfeld, of London-based Zas Investment, has owned One Stop and Sunflower House in Norwich Road, as well as Norwich Road Garage workshop at the back of the site, for just under a year.

He also owns the unit at the front which will soon become Dignity Funeral Service - formerly Norwich Road Garage.

Parking issues outside One Stop and Sunflower House have been reported in the Times in recent weeks.

Mr Shainfeld said: 'The tenants lease the shops, but with the exception of Dignity Funeral Service, they have no parking rights on the forecourt. The forecourt is private land.

'As a responsible and good landlord, we must enforce this position in order to protect the parking rights in favour of those tenants that have paid to enjoy these.

'It is unfortunate and disappointing that we are expected to turn a blind eye to shoppers that park on our private land, when arrangements have not been made to entitle this use.

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'Additionally, deliveries have been made utilising the parking spaces that have also obstructed lawful users and made it dangerous for shoppers to cross the car park.

'It is in light of these significant inconveniences being caused to lawful users, that we were left with no option but to commence enforcement action.'

Norfolk Parking Enforcement (NPE), based in Norwich, previously monitored the parking bays outside One Stop and Sunflower House for six months.

Anyone who parked outside the shops without the landowner's permission risked a fine of �100.

But Jonathan Lecaille, managing director of NPE, pulled out of the deal with Mr Shainfeld a fornight ago because he felt the enforcement was 'unethical'.

He added Mr Shainfeld allegedly demanded extra money from the business so its customers could use the parking spaces outside the shop.

NPE signs were removed from the site, but last week Car Park Solutions was brought in and 24/7 enforcement via CCTV has been reinstated.

Andre Smith, regional development manager for the Nottingham-based firm, said anyone who parks outside One Stop or Sunflower House without the Mr Shainfeld's permission they would be charged �75.

If that is not paid within seven days the amount is raised to �120.

Mr Smith said: 'Adequate signage has been made saying: 'This is not a One Stop parking area.' The site will be patrolled on a random basis.

'The situation is between the landowner and contract leaseholders, but until it is resolved we are looking to be there for the foreseeable future. If people feel begrudged about a charge they can appeal it.'

He added that only people who received authorised parking permits from the landowner could park near the businesses.

Mr Smith said there was no official 'grace period' but Car Park Solutions would adhere to the British Parking Association's code of conduct.