Light Dragoons welcome home parade: George Freeman MP’s letter of thanks to the regiment

Dear Colonel Plant

Mid Norfolk MP George Freeman has written to Lieutenant Colonel Sam Plant, commanding officer of the Light Dragoons, to express his constituents' gratitude to the soldiers, service families and staff at the Robertson Barracks in Swanton Morley. This is the text of his letter.

I wanted to write as Member of Parliament for Mid Norfolk in advance of your forthcoming Homecoming Parade to put on record this area's deep gratitude for your Regiment's service. We are privileged in Mid Norfolk to be home to the Light Dragoons and I know how deeply proud the people of Mid Norfolk are of the Regiment.

The Dragoons' courage and professionalism in the recent tours of Helmand is a testament not only to this Regiment, but to the British Armed Forces as a whole. At your Homecoming Parade in Dereham on the 5th December, I am sure the full extent of the local community's support and pride in the connection with the Dragoons will be evident to you all.

On behalf of myself and all the constituents of Mid Norfolk, please pass on my sincerest thanks and warmest best wishes to all soldiers, service families and staff at Swanton Morley.

Yours sincerely

George Freeman