Light Dragoons welcome home parade: Message from the Royal British Legion, Dereham & District Branch

Once again it's time for the people of Dereham to honour the men and women from the Light Dragoons.

They have had a very hard tour of Afghanistan.

Leaving behind loved ones and families is so hard to do, never more so than if you are going off to war.

It is so hard for people to understand what it is like to be a soldier in the army today – the effect it has physically and mentally on themselves and their families.

Their training and true determination gets them through; they work as a team trying not to let each other down, and supporting the younger soldiers when they are in the field of battle for the first time.

Even if one of them should fall in the line of duty, theirs is an organisation which will help support their families through those hard times.

If they are injured in the line of duty, the Royal British Legion will be there for them every day.

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I know, I have been there myself, when I was seriously injured in Northern Ireland in the 1980s while on patrol on the borders.

The Legion cares about all service personnel and their families from the cradle to the grave – that's the support you get.

We are so proud of you all and what you do in these difficult times, with so much uncertainty in the world. You are there for us, the Royal British Legion is there for you.