Light Dragoons welcome home parade: Regiment to be granted the freedom of Dereham

The growing bond between Dereham and the Light Dragoons has been sealed with the soldiers being granted freedom of the town.

The army regiment has been based at Robertson Barracks at nearby Swanton Morley for 12 years, and the special friendship with local people has flourished.

And town councillors wanted to reinforce the depth of the links by conferring the symbolic honour.

Councillor Phillip Duigan came up with the idea of giving the Light Dragoons freedom of the town after hearing that Diss had done the same for the Royal Anglians.

Mr Duigan said: 'It shows that the people of Dereham appreciate the hard work and commitment the Light Dragoons have shown us. It is a nice symbolic show of support and they have done a very good job on tour in Afghanistan.

'In the town most people would like in some way to show our appreciation.'

The status means the Dragoons would be able to march through the town with their bayonets fixed - and Mr Duigan joked it could be a 'double edged sword.'