A man in a Norfolk village has told of his horror at a fly infestation in his local area, saying it has even made eating dinner “a nightmare”.

Peter Melemendjian, who lives in Little Ellingham, near Hingham, said he and his wife had been aware of the problem since moving in in 2018, but that it had been especially unpleasant with the unusually hot weather this summer.

And he said he was aware of several other residents in the village and neighbouring Great Ellingham experiencing similar issues.

“We’ve got a small veranda which in the evenings we want to sit under, but you almost can’t, because sometimes there’s 20 or 30 flying around,” he said.

“You can’t really have any doors or windows open. It would be lovely to [open them], but if you do, the house is full [of flies].

“Eating, inside or out - if you’ve got them inside - can be a nightmare. There’s almost always flies buzzing around you.

“The fly tape that we put up two days ago looks like fly soup - it’s really bad."

Mr Melemendjian said he and his wife were using netting to keep the flies from getting in, but a few always slipped through.

“They’re really clever little things - and it only takes a few of them to get in the house for there to be more in the house, because they hide and poo on the walls."

In 2020, an investigation by South Norfolk Council found that a farm had been “a significant source” of a similar problem in Hingham.

Mr Melemendjian said that his family moved to the village in 2018 and were inundated by flies even then.

A council spokeswoman said the authority has “received an increased number of fly complaints in the Great Ellingham and Little Ellingham area”.

She added: “Despite officers making a number of visits we have been unable to identify a source but have issued advice.

“Whilst we can engage and take action in respect of premises and commercial processes, we are not able to control flies or insects in the general environment.

“We believe that the current weather conditions will increase life cycles and the number of insects present.

“We fully appreciate the impact this is having on local residents and will continue to do all that we can in respect of this issue.”