A former mayor of Dereham is among the four candidates standing in an upcoming Breckland District Council by-election.

On December 2, voters in Hermitage ward will take to the polls to elect their new councillor, following the resignation of Trevor Carter.

The ward lies between Fakenham, Swaffham and Dereham, and includes the villages of Weasenham, Mileham, Tittleshall, and Colkirk.

The Conservative candidate in the election will be Robert Hambidge, who served as mayor of Dereham from 2010 to 2011.

The Labour candidate will be Paul Siegert, while the Liberal Democrats are standing Ian Minto - both of whom have previously stood for Norfolk County Council seats.

The Workers Party of Britain, founded by George Galloway, is also standing a candidate, Graeme Briggs-White.

Conservative member Mr Carter won the rural ward in 2019 with a relatively large majority of more than 300 over his only opponent, a Labour candidate.