Bat and owl boxes go up across Dereham's nature spots

Daylight hunting

A barn owl goes daylight hunting - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Owl and bat boxes have been installed across Dereham’s Neatherd Moor, as part of an effort to improve the town’s natural environment.

“We’ve installed five barn owl boxes, five little owl boxes, five tawny owl boxes and nine bat boxes altogether,” said Dereham Town Council clerk Tony Needham, at a meeting of the council’s heritage & open spaces committee.

He added however: “There is an issue with the barn owl boxes, in that we’re struggling to find suitable sites for them. 

“One of the things particularly with barn owls is they suggest they are as far away from dual carriageways as possible, because they do have a habit of flying low... and getting knocked by vehicles.”

While the council has found some good spots for those boxes on the Neatherd, two further locations have been identified at the Toftwood allotments site, and on Badley Moor. 

An expression of interest will be put into Breckland District Council’s Green Grants scheme to put up another tranche of boxes in the winter.