16 complaints over noisy neighbours at Easter in one district - but most of county remains quiet

People enjoyed barbecues in the warm weather over the Easter weekend. Photo: Getty Images/iStockphot

People enjoyed barbecues in the warm weather over the Easter weekend. Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

People in one district made 16 complaints about their noisy neighbours over the bank holiday weekend, but it remained quiet across much of the county.

District councils around Norfolk and Waveney have appealed for an awareness of others during a time when many people are already feeling anxious, such as with television and music volume, DIY noise, barking dogs or lighting bonfires.

South Norfolk Council was among the local authorities to make a plea for considerate behaviour, with a spokesperson saying ahead of the weekend: “We are seeing an increase in complaints from residents against their neighbours. Please be mindful that everybody is at home and that your actions could be impacting on others.

“Be more considerate of those around you and avoid playing loud music in your garden, having bonfires. If you have a barbecue, make sure it is lit well away from neighbouring properties and that the smoke is not drifting toward open windows and neighbouring gardens.

“Before making a complaint, please consider speaking to your neighbour as they are probably unaware of the problem they are causing. At the same time remember that people are entitled to be outside and this is a difficult time for all us, so try to be more tolerant of other people’s activities. Remember we are all in this together.”

Despite the message, the district council said it received 16 noise complaints across the weekend, around 40pc up on a usual bank holiday weekend.

Breckland District Council had made a similar appeal and had minimal complaints, while Broadland District Council, which on Friday said it had seen a “small rise” in noise complaints, received just one, for loud music on Friday.

Great Yarmouth Borough Council had no complaints, while North Norfolk District Council said it had received two noise complaints over the weekend.

While East Suffolk Council received a small number of complaints over the weekend which did not differ significantly from Easter weekends in previous years, at the start of April a spokesman said its environmental health team had received an increase in complaints amid the lockdown.

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They said, in particular, complaints related to “excessive noise from a variety of sources”, including TV and music, barking dogs and DIY activities.

Norwich City Council and the Borough Council of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk were unable to provide numbers for their areas when contacted.

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