'Bee hotel' can become a reality as council dishes out school grants

A bumble bee feeding on a lavender flower Picture: Chris Bishop

A bumble bee feeding on a lavender flower Picture: Chris Bishop - Credit: Archant

Three Dereham schools are each set to benefit from £500 biodiversity grants, which will help to make eco dreams a reality. 

Toftwood Infant & Junior School Federation and King’s Park Infant School each put in a bid for the grant and Dereham Town Council’s heritage & open spaces committee agreed on Tuesday to approve both. 

Toftwood Junior School

Toftwood Infant and Junior Schools Federation, will receive two £500 grants, with one to be used by each of the schools. - Credit: Google

Children at the schools put forward their ideas for how to use the money, with ideas ranging from compost bins, pond nets, lavender, bug hotels, a wildflower space and pots to help the children grow their own plants. 

King's Park Infant School

King's Park Infant School's bid for a grant was also approved. - Credit: Google

In a statement accompanying one design, a child at Toftwood Federation wrote: “I have included a bench for them to sit and watch the bees. There is also a bee hotel, where bees can rest and make honey.”

The council agreed that a grant of £500 would be given to each of the two Toftwood federation schools, with each deciding how best to contribute to a single £1000 project. 

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