Plaque set to commemorate town's historic employer

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The picture shows the company Motor, J.J. Wright and Sons Limited Engineers of Dereh

Places - D The picture shows the company Motor, J.J. Wright and Sons Limited Engineers of Dereham with a Royal Mail parked outside having its tyre pressure checked. Dated 15th November 1962 Photograph C5712 B.H.Smith EDP " Down Memory Lane " 18 February 2003 - Credit: Archant Library

A plaque recognising a historic Dereham employer’s contribution to the town is set to be erected. 

At Tuesday's Dereham Town Council meeting, councillor Phillip Duigan proposed placing a commemorative plaque on the old J.J. Wright's shop space, now occupied by Wilko and the Edinburgh Woollen Mill. 

Wilko and Edinburgh Woollen Mill in Dereahm

A modern building now stands on the site of the JJ Wright's, on Dereham's High Street, and opposite Wright's Walk, named after the company. It is today occupied by Wilko and the Edinburgh Woolen Mill - Credit: Google

In its day, the business was a major employer, and is today part of Dereham's industrial heritage. 

The business began in 1889 when John James Wright and Joseph James Wright set up a bicycle shop, which became a Ford dealership in 1912. By 1973, Wright's of Dereham had been sold.

“We can be quite proud of J.J. Wright’s,” said Mr Duigan. 

Phillip Duigan at Dereham meeting

Conservative councillor Phillip Duigan (centre) pitched the plan at a Dereham Town Council meeting on Tuesday evening. - Credit: Noah Vickers

“Certainly the people who used to work for them are still very proud of it and when we get a place for it and unveil it, I think a lot of them want to be there to see it unveiled.”

The motion passed unanimously.

Similar plaques commemorate famous Dereham figures John and Ellenor Fenn and William O’Callaghan. Plaques marking sci-fi author Brian Aldiss and artist John Craske are set to join them.