Mileham Primary School gearing up for Olympics

A mid-Norfolk primary school has won funds from Olympic organisers to help children understand the values of the Paralympics and issues faced by people with disabilities.

The money will provide dance workshops for all children in the Litcham Learning Community, which will be filmed and then sent to other schools in the county in the form of a dance video.

Mileham Primary School headteacher Edward Pearson-Shaul said: 'This is a unique piece of work which is inclusive in its nature, offering the chance for all primary age children in our learning community to learn more about the Paralympic values and how having a disability affects your life. We hope all schools are inspired by this work.'

Children at the school also celebrated World Sports Week at the end of June, which focused on the countries and cultures of athletes competing in the London Games.

As well as making their own Olympic torches, they produced a sporting sketchbook of each other.

Art teacher Debbie Mitchell said: 'Our children really enjoy both art and sport and this is a great opportunity to combine the two. Their powers of observation in art have been developed and at the same time they have focused on improving their skills in sport.'