Couple’s delight as beloved cat is found after week-long search

Mimi, a brown rosetted Bengal cat, went missing from her home in Hockering

Mimi the Bengal cat has been found after going missing from her home in Hockering - Credit: Lewis Richardson

A couple are pinching themselves after finding their beloved cat whose disappearance triggered a week-long search. 

Mimi, a brown rosetted Bengal, went missing from her home in Albatross Road, Hockering, on Tuesday, November 9.

Her owner Lewis Richardson and his partner, Gemma - who only moved to Hockering in recent weeks - feared their pet was gone for good after failing to track her down for six days.

Lewis Richardson and his partner, Gemma, from Hockering, are offering a £1,000 for the safe return of their missing cat, Mimi

Mimi the cat has finally been found after going missing in Hockering - Credit: Lewis Richardson

But on Monday of this week (November 15), Mr Richardson received a promising message from a neighbour, convinced they had seen the runaway feline in their back garden. 

And, on Tuesday, an intense rescue mission culminated in Mimi finally being brought home safe and sound. 

“I thought I’d gone through every emotion in the book over the years, but I’ve never felt an emotion like that,” said a delighted Mr Richardson. 

“It was absolutely incredible.”

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After bolting out the front door of her home last week, Mimi was seen darting in the direction of fields leading towards the main part of the village.

Mr Richardson immediately set off in search of his cat, even enlisting the help of family members and friends. 

They stayed out from 9.30pm until 1.30am, but their efforts were ultimately hampered by darkness.

The next day, Mr Richardson was out searching from 7.30am. The couple put up missing posters in various nearby towns and villages in the hope someone might have spotted Mimi.

Strangers even turned up out of the blue to help. 

While it was assumed she would not go far, no convincing sightings were reported until this week. 

Having heard from his neighbour on Monday, Mr Richardson sourced some humane cat traps from PACT Animal Sanctuary, based in Woodrising.

After one night of them being left in the garden, he received the news he had been hoping for. 

“When I heard from my neighbour I ran so fast down the road that I sprinted straight past their house,” added Mr Richardson.

“I’ve cancelled all my appointments again today just so I can spend time with her.

“She’s not got a mark on her. She has kept herself looking like a little princess.

“After another week I really would have questioned whether we ever would have found her.”

Mr Richardson plans to donate £1,000, which he initially offered as a reward, to PACT.