Norfolk OAP's seven-hour journey for fish and chips

Richard ParrThere's no plaice like Supafry for pensioner Bob Piller. And every Friday - or should that be Fry-day - the former farmworker, labourer and ex-chip shop boss embarks on a seven-hour epic journey from his home in Dereham to his beloved chippie in Hunstanton.Richard Parr

Nothing beats the fish and chips at Supafry for pensioner Bob Piller.

And every Friday - or should that be Fryday - the former farmworker, labourer and ex-chip shop boss embarks on a seven hour-long round trip from his home in Dereham to his favourite chippie in Hunstanton.

The 76-year-old has three separate bus journeys and an 80-mile round trip to get from the heart of Norfolk to Sunny Hunny to enjoy cod and chips.

Bob yesterday made his usual weekly pilgrimage to the shop on Greevegate and said that despite leaving home at 9am and getting back after 4pm it was well worth the effort.

'I have tasted fish and chips all over the place, but in my opinion the quality of the cod and chips served up by Supafry shop is the best I have ever tasted,' said widower Bob, who used to manage a chip shop on Drayton Road in Norwich.

'What I really like about the fish and chips from Supafry is that the cod is boneless and skinless and I ask for a few scraps with my portion. I feel the seven hours it takes me to get there and back is worth it because they are just so tasty and delicious.

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'The staff are always pleasant and you can either sit inside the premises or, on a lovely day, you can sit on a bench on the grass across the road and there is even a distant sea view thrown in - you just can't beat it,' he said.

The pattern of his journey is pretty much the same every Friday. He leaves his home just before 9am and gets a bus into the centre of Dereham. He then gets the X1 double-decker into King's Lynn bus station. From there he gets the Hunstanton bus. Once there he walks up to Greevegate and his �4.45 cod and chips.

Supafry proprietor Jason Smith said he was delighted that Bob rated his fish and chips so highly and was prepared to go the extra mile to eat them.

This is Mr Smith's fourth year at the Supafry family business. He is helped by his wife, Emma, 11-year-old daughter, Sadie, and David Smith, his father-in-law.

'There is no better advertising than word of mouth and we appreciate Bob's comments about our food,' said Mr Smith.

While he didn't want to give away any of his trade secrets, Mr Smith said that his fish is fried in 100pc beef dripping which was a key factor to its flavour.

'Cod is certainly the most popular with our customers and I think the fact that it is boneless and skinless is part of its appeal,' he said.

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