Parking dispute outside convenience shop and takeaway in Dereham causing problems for businesses

A dispute over parking outside a well-used Dereham convenience shop and Chinese takeaway is causing friction in the community.

Signs were put up three months ago outside One Stop and Sunflower House on Norwich Road telling drivers they could not park in the bays for more than 10 minutes.

The signs now warn motorists who stop in the 'parking protection zone' outside the businesses without the landowner's permission risk a �100 fine.

The parking area around the restaurant, shop and Norwich Road Garage workshop at the back and the former garage showroom at the front is owned by Zevy Shainfeld, who runs London-based ZAS Investment.

Parking was monitored via CCTV by Norfolk Parking Enforcement in Norwich but as of yesterday the company pulled out of the arrangement, said managing director Jonathan Lecaille.

The Times has also learned the signs were put up after One Stop delivery drivers allegedly blocked the road to the Norwich Road Garage workshop for the past three and a half years, according to garage owner Derek Jarrett.

Linda Monument, Dereham mayor, said: 'There have been problems with parking in the past when it has been on a free for all basis. Previously we would have pulled in to buy a newspaper or a birthday card from One Stop. I'm sure One Stop will be losing trade, which is a great shame for the public at large and it will be a problem for the leaseholders. It puts the businesses in a precarious position. It is going to cause more friction before it is sorted.'

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Delivery lorries have this week been parking on Norwich Road just metres away from the Dereham fire station, home of the Urban Search and Rescue team, and close to Neatherd High School and the busy Greenfields Road junction.

Mr Jarrett said Mr Shainfeld took over the site last October and the Norwich Road Garage was set up in January 2009, which was granted the right of access to the rear workshop. The garage used to have a showroom at the front which has since closed.

He added: 'From day one it was always a problem with lots of customers not only blocking the door of the showroom but the delivery drivers and customers parking to the side of One Stop, which is the only access to our workshop.'

The garage owner said he has recently signed a six year lease for the workshop and a Dignity Funeral Directors, which has signed a 15 year lease, will be opening later this year where the garage showroom used to be. Mr Jarrett said the landowner has attempted to discuss the parking issue with One Stop, which is part of Tesco.

A sign outside One Stop dated July 17 said: 'Please be aware that the new freeholder of the site (of which this store forms part) has now installed parking enforcement cameras. For the time being we would recommend the use of alternative parking when visiting the store. One Stop in no way endorses or wishes to participate in this action which it views as being detrimental to local businesses and the wider community which we have served for a number of years. Thank you for your continued custom and support.'

As the Times went to press yesterday it could still not contact Mr Shainfeld.