Rare trees planted on Neatherd moor

A beauty spot in Dereham has been given a new leaf life. A community action day on Sunday was held by the Dereham Society and Dereham Town Council, at Neatherd Moor.

NEWLEAF OFLIFE: A community action day was staged at a Dereham beauty spot on Sunday by the Dereham Society and Dereham Town Council.

A team of volunteers, supported by Breckland Council's Pride Campaign, carried out a litter-pick at Neatherd Moor to help maintain the new young trees planted there last year.

They also planted nine rare Black Poplar trees. The species, a native to Britain, has been in decline nationally for a number of years and is at risk of disappearing altogether. There are only 70 mature trees left in Norfolk - only one of which is female, said town clerk Tony Needham.

Despite the rain, volunteers turned out to lend a hand and nearly 10 sacks of litter were collected during the day. Picture: SUBMITTED