READER LETTER: ‘We should not attend the World Cup in a place like Russia’

Fans watching an England World Cup match. Photo by Simon Finlay.

Fans watching an England World Cup match. Photo by Simon Finlay. - Credit: Archant Norfolk

I am a grassroots referee in Norfolk who has been waiting for the much anticipated announcement that the England team are to withdraw from the Fifa World Cup; sadly this does not now look likely.

If I may ask, why are the FA supporting the World Cup in a country that: 1. Shoots down commercial airliners, 2. Assassinates political activists; 3. Assassinates people in our country with chemical weapons; 4. Influenced UK elections; 5. Influenced Brexit referendum; 6. Take your pick on human rights atrocities, pathological lies and refusal to accept responsibility for any of its actions; 7. Has a fundamentally racist culture.

I'm curious how the motivation of the FA appears to have switched from fair play and morality to financial profiteering.

Let's not forget who it is that sustains the national game, players not profit.

As a former soldier I'm used to political whim changing with the wind and understood that was the way of the world. But the FA are not political; their core values are resolute and unswerving surely?

I'm struggling to understand why the Football Association have lost focus on what being British means (indefatigable morality and integrity) and are content to compromise their own core values and ethos.

The meek and subservient manner in which the FA have succumbed to peer pressure by taking part in the FWC has convinced me that the wrong people, in the wrong positions, have made wrong choices and by virtue, when all the (wrong) holes line up, the outcomes can come as no surprise.

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In contrast to our decision to take part in a corrupt footballing tournament (Fifa) in a wholly belligerent and unequivocally corrupt state, which was, for me; a hugely disappointing surprise.


Dereham (address supplied)

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