Readers have their say - Do you think the plans will ‘bring prosperity’ to the town?

Views around Dereham town centre. Picture: ARCHANT LIBRARY

Views around Dereham town centre. Picture: ARCHANT LIBRARY - Credit: Angela Sharpe

Serious questions have been raised while others have been quick to praise ambitious plans to transform Dereham.

It comes following the community group aboutDereham sharing its vision for the future of the town.

The document outlines options for significant changes including the pedestrianisation of Market Place and also the introduction of services to Dereham Hospital, such as a minor injuries unit, scans and x-rays.

Many residents praised the ideas and took to the Times' Facebook page to express their enthusiasm.

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Describing Dereham as a prime location, Natasha Hurst said: "This is so needed and anyone that cannot see it needs to get out of Norfolk to other market towns in the country. So many have done it.

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"It has got a great community spirit but there is nothing but cheap shops everywhere. It's all geared up for that. There are other people that live here that want to spend their hard earnt [sic] money but cannot as there is nothing to spend it on."

Russ Bulmer also "fully supported" plans to pedestrianise the town centre but added "a proper bus interchange and an adequate amount of parking" needed to be introduced first.

Ann-Marie Martyn said the plans would "bring prosperity" to the town.

And Vincent Jones, of Dereham, believed that pedestrianising Market Place would help the flow of traffic.

Other were not as hopeful though and expressed concerns.

Jamie Neave questioned whether the plans would make Dereham a better place or not.

"The town is gridlocked we have a poor selection of shops and lack of parking," he said. "Really can't see how this is going to help."

Roy Scrivener, of Dereham, shared the same concerns: "It's a great idea to pedestrianise the High Street but we just don't have the roads to cope especially with all of these additional homes."

And while many were focused on the vision to create the paved area in Market Place, others highlighted different aspects of the plans.

Joanna Gayler said she would like to see a walk-in centre and improved access for patients at the hospital, while Karen Penn wanted to see more doctors brought to the town.

Barbara McIntyre added: "The old hospital should have a walk-in centre, our town expands but the surgeries don't."

Finally, Frankie Richer called for a "dedicated bus station".