Shed burnt to the ground in Dereham fire

Picture: Archant

Picture: Archant - Credit: Eastern Daily Press © 2011

A garden shed has been completely destroyed after bursting into flames.

The fire that happened on Moorgate Lane in Dereham erupted at around 10pm on Saturday night.

A resident who lives close to the property said they had first assumed it was a bonfire but grew suspicious when they noticed the amount of smoke and a strange smell. 'It didn't smell like a bonfire, it had a plastic smell to it,' they said.

'We rang the fire brigade straight away and I rang them a further time because the fire started popping and banging and I could see the flames rising.'

Fire crews from Dereham and Watton were dispatched to the scene and they used hose reel jets to fight back the flames.

No one was injured and the cause has not been determined.

The owner of the shed said that fire crews on the scene suggested it could have been caused by a stray firework or Chinese lantern.