Students help create vocal war record

Students from Dereham are working with local historians and the BBC to create a vocal record of how the second world war changed the lives of people in Norfolk.

PUPILS from Dereham are helping to create a vocal record of how the second world war changed people's lives.

And year nine at Neatherd High School is seeking people with wartime experiences to take part in the BBC Voices Project.

It has teamed up with Norfolk Museums and Archaeology Service in the Their Pasts, Your Future initiative.

Pupils are being trained by historians and technicians on how to plan, record and edit interviews, which will then be added to the BBC website as podcasts. Thomas Clarke, 13, one of those involved, said: "The aim is for young people to gain a better understanding of the way the war changed lives for ordinary people and also to compare life during wartime with the 21st century."

They particularly wish to find people who were in Dereham and district, including evac-uees who came here, Land Girls, those who worked in factories or people who had evacuees stay with them.

Call Charlie Uddin on 01362 697981 or email Jan Pitman at if you would like to take part.

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