Tweeting reporter Martin George crosses the marathon line with a tear in his eye

Reporter Martin George finished the race in six hours.

Reporter Martin George finished the race in six hours. - Credit: Archant

Reporter Martin George completed the race in six hours, running it for the Swaffham and Litcham Home Hospice.

Tweeting throughout the race, here's his reaction after crossing the finish line:

'This was the hardest physical activity I have done in my life.

'The first half seemed really pleasant and I was even enjoying myself giving high-fives to children and excepting sweets from strangers.

'Because I was Tweeting as I went everybody's messages of support really boosted me.

'The highlight was going over Tower Bridge, just before half way, but then it all got a lot tougher.

'At one stage most of the people I was running with were walking, so it was really hard to motivate yourself to keep going.

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'But once I got to the Tower of London the crowds really picked up and they were calling out my name or giving me a wave and it was exactly what I needed to get through the last four miles.

'One thing I didn't expect was how emotional I got at the 23rd mile, I had to try and stop tears welling up, it was weird.

'When I got to the Mall I was half smiling and half crying, it was such a relief to have done it.'