The week ahead is due to have some high pressure and sunny spells across Norfolk according to Norwich-based forecaster Weatherquest.

Tomorrow (May 10) will have a cloudy start with some spots of rain but will become brighter into the afternoon. There will be highs of 19C with a south-westerly breeze.

The forecast for Wednesday (May 11) is more uncertain with some low pressure and a dry morning leading into some clouds and showers in the afternoon. It will be slightly cooler with highs of 17C.

Thursday (May 12) will be drier with high pressure and light winds. There will be sunny spells and it will be feeling warmer at 18C.

The end of the week (Friday, May 13) will be dry with some rain into the afternoon. It will be breezy but warm with highs of 19C.

The weekend will see some high pressure directly overhead. It is forecast to be warmer and drier reaching up to 20C.