General Election 2019: Who are the candidates in Norfolk and Waveney?

Voters in Norfolk and Waveney will head to polling stations on Thursday, December 12. Pic: Rui Vieir

Voters in Norfolk and Waveney will head to polling stations on Thursday, December 12. Pic: Rui Vieira/PA. - Credit: PA

People in Norfolk and Waveney will go to the polls on Thursday (December 12), to vote for the people they want to represent them as MPs in the Houses of Parliament.

A ballot box leaves a polling station. Picture: Matthew Usher.

A ballot box leaves a polling station. Picture: Matthew Usher. - Credit: Matthew Usher

There are 650 parliamentary constituencies across the UK, with Norfolk divided into nine constituencies - Broadland, Great Yarmouth, Mid Norfolk, North Norfolk, North West Norfolk, Norwich North, Norwich South, South Norfolk and South West Norfolk.

Waveney, which covers the Lowestoft area, is one of the seven constituencies in Suffolk.

All but two seats were in Conservative hands before Parliament was dissolved Exceptions were Norwich South, (Labour) and North Norfolk (Liberal Democrat).

Who is standing?

Here is a list of who is standing in this general election in each constituency (click on each constituency to read a profile):

BroadlandJess Barnard (Labour)

Most Read

Andrew Boswell (Green Party)

Ben Goodwin (Liberal Democrat)

Jerome Mayhew (Conservative)

Simon Rous (The Universal Good Party)

Great YarmouthDave Harding (Veterans and People's Party)

James Joyce (Liberal Democrat)

Anne Killett (Green Party)

Brandon Lewis (Conservative)

Margaret McMahon-Morris (Independent)

Adrian Myers (Independent)

Mike Smith-Clare (Labour)

Mid NorfolkSteffan Aquarone (Liberal Democrat)

Adrian Heald (Labour)

George Freeman (Conservative)

PJ O'Gorman (Independent)

North NorfolkDuncan Baker (Conservative)

Emma Corlett (Labour)

Harry Gwynne (Brexit Party)

Karen Ward (Liberal Democrat)

North West NorfolkRob Colwell (Liberal Democrat)

Michael De Whalley (Green Party)

Jo Rust (Labour)

James Wild (Conservative)

Norwich NorthKaren Davis (Labour)

Adrian Holmes (Green Party)

David Moreland (UKIP)

Chloe Smith (Conservative)

Dave Thomas (Liberal Democrat)

Norwich SouthSandy Gilchrist (Brexit Party)

Clive Lewis (Labour)

Catherine Rowett (Green Party)

Mike Spencer (Conservative)

James Wright (Liberal Democrat)

South NorfolkRichard Bacon (Conservative)

Christopher Brown (Liberal Democrat)

Beth Jones (Labour)

Ben Price (Green Party)

South West NorfolkEmily Blake (Labour)

Pallavi Devulapalli (Green Party)

Earl Elvis of Outwell (Official Monster Raving Loony Party)

Josie Ratcliffe (Liberal Democrat)

Liz Truss (Conservative)

WaveneyPeter Aldous (Conservative)

Sonia Barker (Labour)

Elfrede Brambley-Crawshaw (Green Party)

Dave Brennan (Christian Peoples Alliance)

Helen Korfanty (LIberal Democrats)

How do I vote?

Head to your polling station between 7am and 10pm on Thursday. You cannot turn up at any station - you must go to the one stated on your polling card.

If you have lost it you can check at don't have to take your polling card or ID with you to vote - you can give your name and address to the polling station staff.

If you had a postal vote, but forgot to return it, you can take it to the polling station before 10pm.

And, those people outside the polling station who ask you for your electoral number? They're not polling station staff, but party representatives.

You don't have to give them your number. But if you do, you're less likely to get more knocks at your door that day. They use numbers to establish who has not voted and may visit them to persuade people to head to the ballot box.

Once you've got your ballot sheet, go over to the booth, add an X next to your favoured candidate and put in the box, ready to be taken to the count.

When are the results?

The results will be declared throughout the night after the polls have closed and counting (and verification) has taken place.

Will we have any new MPs?

That obviously depends on how people vote. But there will definitely be new MPs in at least three of Norfolk's constituencies, as Conservatives Sir Henry Bellingham (North West Norfolk), Keith Simpson (Broadland) and Sir Norman Lamb (North Norfolk) are not seeking re-election.

Where can I find out what happens?

From up-to-the-minute constituency results as they are declared, to authoritative analysis of what it will mean to our region - the EDP will keep you informed on election day and beyond.

Our team of reporters and visual specialists will be at each of the counts around Norfolk and Waveney, bringing you all the drama and results as it happens in the early hours of Friday.

They will be live Tweeting, but you will also be able to read all the news and results as they come in from the EDP website at

That is also the place to head for analysis of what the results will mean for our region, as well as looking at the bigger national picture.

We should also be joined by a special guest as Thursday night turns into Friday morning, giving their expert opinion on the twists and turns.

Friday's EDP will contain the latest election news, while there will be 13 pages of coverage in Saturday's bumper edition.