Wing walk to help youngsters learn about great outdoors

Parents of pupils at Reepham Primary School are

Parents of pupils at Reepham Primary School are planning to take part in a wing walk for outdoor education facilities at their school. - Credit: Supplied by the Friends of Reepham Primary School

Parents of pupils at Reepham Primary School will literally go 'above and beyond' for the cause of outdoor education. 

Ten parents are planning to attempt a 'wing walk', strapped to the top of a 1940s biplane zooming through the sky at up to 135mph.

Kate King, the school's outdoor learning teacher, said: “We are putting our children’s well-being first and offering them a unique experience in which they can thrive.

"After such a challenging year in education, they need it more than anyone.

"When children are outside, they have more freedom to express themselves as it is a bigger space and they can be noisier and move about, in a non-judgemental environment.

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"This allows them to feel confident and happier and can boost their self-esteem.”

Six parents are also planning to run this year's London Marathon to fundraise for the project, and there will be a 'mini-marathon' for pupils. 

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