Covid patient, 25, woke in intensive care after three days unconscious

Amy Brown, 25, with her dog Zola, has returned home after being hospitalised for Covid.

Amy Brown, 25, with her dog Zola, went to sleep on December 31 and woke up in intensive care on January 3. - Credit: Amy Brown

A 25-year-old woman has told how she went to bed with Covid on New Year's Eve - and woke up three days later in intensive care.

Amy Brown's "terrifying" ordeal left her so weak that she could not even brush her teeth, with nurses having to do it for her.

Her plight, a chilling example of the virus's danger to people of all ages, has prompted Miss Brown to warn others.

She said: "Lockdown is really tough, it’s sad and painful but you know what’s more sad, more painful? Death. Hospitalisation.

"So follow the rules."

Miss Brown, from Toftwood, near Dereham, had gone to bed early on December 31 feeling "awful" due to the virus.

The next time she opened her eyes was on January 3, after being admitted to intensive care at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital.

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She tested positive for coronavirus after coming down with symptoms after Christmas and has praised critical care staff and the Elsing ward for looking after her.

Amy Brown, 25, has thanked staff at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital for caring for her after she was...

Amy Brown, 25, has thanked staff at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital for caring for her after she was hospitalised with coronavirus. - Credit: Amy Brown

Miss Brown, who has an underlying immunity condition and was discharged on Wednesday, said: "I'm discharged home and Covid free, just left with the tired aftermath. It was an awful time but I am still one of the lucky ones.

"I was always generally careful. I could have picked it up from a food item in the store or someone brushed past me not keeping distance or even a door handle, but being vulnerable my immune system wasn’t quite strong enough to handle it.

"I do think a lot of people don’t realise the seriousness until it affects them or someone close to them.

"It was terrifying going to sleep last Thursday in my own bed and waking up Sunday in Intensive care with a catheter bag, NG tube, oxygen tube, wires everywhere, and everything ached.

"Once I was moved to a Covid ward I was still so weak that nurses had to wash me, brush my teeth, change my clothes, turn me so I didn’t get bed sores. That’s the reality of the virus. So please, follow the rules, wear a mask, wash your hands, save a life.”

The Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital. Picture: Nick Butcher

The Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital. Picture: Nick Butcher - Credit: Nick Butcher

At home her parents Sharon and Colin, brother Kallum and border collie Zola received updates.

Mrs Brown, who found her daughter unresponsive, said: "She's normally up to walk her dog. I couldn't wake her up.

"I rang the Sunday morning and the nurse said "she's sitting up" and it was a huge relief.  I was ringing up every couple of hours on the first day to see what was going on. They have been absolutely fantastic, they were so dedicated, she wasn't left on her own."


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