Yaxham Parish Council passes second vote of no confidence in councillor

Councillor Pablo Dimoglou. Photo: Archant

Councillor Pablo Dimoglou. Photo: Archant - Credit: Archant

A mid Norfolk parish council has passed a motion of no confidence in one of its councillors and called for his resignation.

Yaxham parish councillors passed the motion calling on parish and district councillor Pablo Dimoglou to step down from both positions.

This is the second formal vote of no confidence in Mr Dimoglou in a year.

Mr Dimoglou said he is the victim of an ongoing campaign of bullying from councillors and said he would let voters in the 2019 elections decide if he should stay on.

The motion states: 'This council has lost all confidence in councillor Dimoglou in his capacities as parish and ward councillor to represent the views and interests of the community of Yaxham.

'This follows councillor Dimoglou's continuing representation of developer interests rather than those of the parish.

'As a consequence the council calls on councillor Dimoglou to resign from this parish council and the district council.'

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Maggie Oechsle, chair of the Neighbourhood Plan for Yaxham working group, said: 'There is a very long list of his failures to support his electorate.

'Parishioners demanded action because councillor Dimoglou has publicly supported large urban style development against the wishes of the community.

'There is a very strong desire endorsed by 92pc of voters for the village to retain its small and rural character.'

Ian Martin, parish council deputy chair, said: 'This has been a long running issue in the village and caused an awful lot of frustration that a councillor, both at district and parish level, has spoken in favour of every village development proposal.'

Mr Dimoglou described the parish councillors' actions as an ongoing campaign of bullying.

He said: 'The best vote of no confidence will be at the 2019 elections.

'If there's no confidence in me then, I won't be re-elected.

'The people I represent don't come to parish council meetings, which are pretty dusty affairs.'

He added: 'I've not spoken to the developers once outside of the planning process.'

A spokesperson for Breckland Council said: 'We are aware of a vote of no confidence concerning councillor Pablo Dimoglou, and this vote relates to him in his capacity as a parish councillor and is not connected to his role as a Breckland councillor.

'Should any formal standards complaints be submitted as a result, then our monitoring officer will investigate.'