Your guide to Thursday's town council candidates

On Thursday, people in Dereham will go to the polls to vote for a new member on Dereham Town Council representing the Humbletoft ward. Here we give you an at a glance guide to the candidates.

On Thursday, people in Dereham will go to the polls to vote for a new member on Dereham Town Council representing the Humbletoft ward.

The by-election was called following the resignation of Diana Irving in September. Here we give you an at a glance guide to the four candidates, Linda Goreham, Kate Millbank, David Bowyer and Mark Broughton.

We asked each one the same set of questions:

t Linda Goreham (Labour)

Age? 63Brought up in Edmonton, London. Married with three children she is retired and does voluntary work.

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What do you like about Dereham? 'I have lived in this vibrant town for 35 years. It's full of friendly faces, some new ones and some I have seen grow up and have children of their own. I rarely shop anywhere but in the town - there's really no need.'

How can the town be improved? 'I would like to see the buses routed in a safer and a more effective way in the town centre. To my mind, buses turning by the Big Fry are hazardous. I would like to see more venues for groups and clubs to meet in. The Memorial Hall redevelopment project will go a long way towards addressing this need. I would like to see more and better facilities for the youth of the town (I have a 19 year old son and young grandchildren!)'

What can you offer the town? 'I would offer genuine care and dedication to the inhabitants of Dereham. I have 9 years experience as a local councillor and I realise I cannot change the world! However, I will never be afraid to stand up and state my opinions and do my best to reflect the views of the people of Humbletoft.'

Like: 'Being outdoors!'

Dislike: 'Snobbery.'

Last music you bought: 'I don't need to buy music as my husband, Robin, already has walls to ceiling collections of CDs! But I do love music - particularly rock and folk music.'

t Kate Millbank (Conservative)

Age? 46. Brought up in Taverham she has a partner and two children and works as a constituency organiser for the Conservative MP.

What do you like about Dereham? 'I like Dereham because it is small enough to have a personal quality & parking is plentiful and free! We have some great shops, a cinema & a sports centre. In the evenings there are several good pubs to choose from and every imaginable form of food is catered for and all within easy walking distance. I know there is some complaints about boy racers in the centre of town but on the whole it is very safe and pleasant to walk around after dark.'

How can the town be improved?: 'Some of the traffic routes could definitely be improved. At peak times Dereham is sometimes severely congested. Dereham Town Council is already moving towards the completion of the new, improved Memorial Hall which I think will be a huge asset and improvement to the town. One of the main priorities is to make it available to all ages and abilities, at a cost that all residents can afford.'

What can you offer the town?: 'I can offer Dereham my commitment to do my best for the town. Whilst I cannot promise always to have the answer, I can promise to listen to people, to be available to them via the phone or email, and to respond to every enquiry. What might seem a very small matter to one person, could be extremely important to another, and so I will treat each issue with the same respect and importance. I know that despite the different political parties, Dereham Town Council works together as a team to try and serve the local people and I want to be part of that team.'

Like: 'Dancing - all types of - I particularly love salsa dancing and when on holiday recently I was able to do some flamenco dancing with some Spanish professionals which was great fun.' Dislike: 'Rhubarb - I've never been able to bear it.'

Last music you bought: 'Madonna's Greatest Hits.'

t David Bowyer (Green Party)

Age? 54. Brought up in Kenninghall and now married with three children and working as a chartered engineer.

What do you like about Dereham? 'It is a nice little community town. I live in Etling Green and like the area the most. It is an active market town with facilities but also with the countryside.'

How can the town be improved? 'A key thing to me is to take on the sense of community. A lot of individual things are going on but I'm not sure they are pulled together enough. I would like to see a bit of co-ordination - for example there are lists of what is going on and groups but not a co-ordinated one. If you build a strong community everything else falls into place.'

What can you offer the town?: I'm a professional engineer in the oil industry used to dealing with things. You have to come up with rapid decisions. I can bring that to the table to asses the facts quickly and get things achieved.'

Like? 'The countryside.' Dislike? 'Procrastination.'

Last music you bought: 'Haven't bought any in years. For Christmas I got a John Lee Hooker album.'

t Mark Broughton (Independent)

Age? 45. Brought up in Sheringham and married with one child and working as a local government officer.

What do you like about Dereham? 'It has a lot going for it, a good range of shops and services, friendly people and surrounded by pleasant countryside.'

How can it be improved? 'By sorting out the traffic situation.'

What can you offer Dereham? 'Enthusiasm and integrity in helping to confront local issues like the traffic and by encouraging people to take more of a participatory interest in their community.'

Like? 'Photography Dislike? 'Arrogant people.'

Last music you bought? 'KT Tunstall "Eye to the Telescope"