Your Say - What are Dereham's favourite shops?

People in Dereham, asked about their favourite shops

Our reporter spoke to people in Dereham about their favourite shops and market stalls in the town - Credit: Noah Vickers

Despite the pressures hitting Britain's high streets, Dereham still enjoys a good range of shops. This week, reporter Noah Vickers hit the streets to ask locals about their favourite shops in the town.

Jim Stebbings praised the range of shops in the town.

Jim Stebbings praised the range of shops in the town. - Credit: Noah Vickers

Jim Stebbings, 79, who is retired and lives in Dereham said: "The thing I admire about Dereham is that I can get most of the things that I need - from a washing machine, to washing up liquid. I'm going to go and get some glass cut this morning. So there's not much you can't get in Dereham - the shopping I think is very good."

Carole McCleary

Carole McCleary said she was a fan of the market's fruit and veg stall. - Credit: Noah Vickers

Carole McCleary, 72, who is retired and also lives in the town said: "I like the fruit stall we have at the market. All their fruit and veg is so fresh."

Louise Rowe

Louise Rowe said her favourite market stall was the patisserie. - Credit: Noah Vickers

Louise Rowe, 37, a secondary school teacher who lives in Toftwood said: "The patisserie [stall at the market] is definitely our favourite, we love that one - the cheesecake they have there is especially good. In terms of actual shops, Boots is probably the one I use the most."

Conal O'Donnell

Conal O'Donnell said he was a fan of Harris Hardware, on the Market Place. - Credit: Noah Vickers

Conal O'Donnell, 70, who is retired and lives in Dereham said: "I really like the hardware shop. I do feel loyalty to our independent shops - they may cost a little bit more but so what? And you are, hopefully, supporting your high street environment, so I'm very happy to do that." 

Sheena Chambers

Sheena Chambers said her favourite shop was Peacocks. - Credit: Noah Vickers

Sheena Chambers, 73, who lives in Dereham and works at the golf club, said: "Peacocks is my favourite - it's the only decent clothes shop in the town."

Jean Everhard

Jean Everhard praised the range of charity shops in the town - Credit: Noah Vickers

Jean Everhard, 78, who works in banking and lives in Toftwood said: "We've got a lovely big shopping centre and I use them all."

She highlighted the town's charity shops in particular: "I've just taken some stuff to Venture Farm Animal Trust, and the RSPCA charity shop is also good."