All-England final for Gallow duo

BOWLS: The National Zone Men's Pairs Final was an all-Gallow match, between Mervyn King and Jamie Chestney against Mathew Wilkinson and Malcalm Starkey.

King and Chestney won and now go and play in the All-England Men's Pairs Finals.

King has moved up to fifth place, his highest position this millennium, in the World Bowls Tour ranking list for 2011/12 season.

The Gallow Ladies' A team continued their run of wins, and are now second in the Ladies' Premier League.

J Rix, J Green, V Howe won 14-8. A Leverett, M Bowyer, J Wright won 15-10. L Ward, C Lincoln, M Emment won 13-12. B Williamson, B Kiddle, P Jarvis drew 15-15.

The Gallow Men's A team continued their run of defeats in the Premier League. Playing away against North Walsham Men's A Team they lost on all rinks 112-51 7-0 points).

D Taney, D Cawthorne, S King, M Riches lost 17-20. V Smith, L Seppings, D Vaughan, A Walton lost 9-23. D Hood, D Rogers, M Wilkinson, R Mason lost 16-28. D Webb, T Beck, S Lowe, M Starkey lost 9-41.

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The Gallow Men's B team are also finding it difficult to win games. Playing at home against North Walsham Men's B Team they lost 117-77 (6-1).

A Pearson, L Leverett, T Beeston, B Hubbard won 26-25. I Routh, J Biggs, D Thody L Mallett lost 16-25. R Preston, S Walker, B Dickinson, R Wicks lost 18-22. R Morgan, I Cawthorne, H Kirby, B Barker lost 17-45.

With Mervyn King away playing in Australia, Paul Shackcloth played in his place in the All England Mixed Pairs Finals with Suzanne King at Northampton, and they lost in the first round in a close game.