Bradenham Cricket Club get green light for new pavilion

Bradenham have moved a step closer to building a new pavilion at their ground on the Green.

Breckland Council have confirmed planning permission for the new building which will sit mainly on the same 'footprint' as the existing pavilion. Club chairman Tim Evans said: 'All the pieces are now in place for the project to go ahead – with the one rather important exception of funding.'

He added: 'Planning has taken some time to process and lots of information was required including a bat survey to ensure there were no bats roosting in the current pavilion. It is particularly important for us – and the community – that the new building is in keeping with the Green and its surroundings and will be something that everyone in the village is proud of. I would particularly like to extend our thanks to Bradenham Parish Council for the help and support so far on this project.'

The club is in the process of applying for grants to cover the associated costs.