Dereham grading sees new black belt stars

DEREHAM Shotokan Karate Club hosted the area grading at Dereham Leisure Centre.

TSKR squad coach Darren Webster taught sparring techniques to warm up the members and relax them. TSKR instructor Claire taught all the new starters who had been preparing for their first grading.

TSKR examiner Terry Wittkopp 4th Dan conducted the test on basic karate techniques.

TSKR presented some members with first aid certificates.

Best improved trophies went to students who showed great improvement in their karate training over the past three months: Tony Dack, Claire Wittkopp, Ian Dockree, Kayleigh Brierley, Molly Roe, Elizabeth Pearce,

Blue Belts: Madeline Hall, Megan Pease, James Turner, Andrew Turner, Luke Turner,Jake Turner, Molly Roe, Ben Brown, Ben Pearce, Ian Dockree.

Red Belts: Ethan Baker, Elizabeth Pearce, Bryony Williams, Leah Ward, Marchal Mackay.

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Orange Belts: Jamie Shackloth, Lawrence Jones, Jessica Lemon, Kayleigh Brierley.

Yellow Belts: Lewis Olley, Jamie Mackay, Amy Penny, Jakub Budziarek, Morgan Savory.

Green Belts: Amelia Hall, Byron Clarke, Jordan Southgate.

Purple Belts: Chris Zhou, Lauren Neil, Harry Ottaway, Sam Asher.

Purple/White Stripe Belts: David Penny, Cameron Reid, Tony Dack.

Brown/White Stripe Belts: Jack Mannering , Kian Mannering.

Brown/Red Strip Belts: Chris Neil, Elvira Lobo.

Black Belts: Dan Zelos, Iain Paterson.

TSKR held a grading for 40 members from TSKR clubs based in Swaffham, Watton, Fakenham, Dereham and Norwich, two of whom took their black belt grading

Iain Paterson, 12, has been training with TSKR for four years and has worked hard to meet the national requirement by the governing body.

He was winner of the TSKR student of the year award in 2008 and has travelled with his instructors to train with some of the leading instructors in the UK.

Iain has also been successful in both kata and kumite competition.

Dan Zelos (11) a pupil at Northgate High School, started karate in 2006 with TSKR. He regularly competes on the national go-kart circuits with lots of success. He has had success on the karate competition circuit too.

Dan has been inspired by Lewis Hamilton who gained his black belt in karate.

Terry Wittkopp chief instructor TSKR commented: 'I am extremely proud of all students who graded with many gaining credits and distinctions.

'However, Dan and Iain are at a new level. They are the youngest black belts within TSKR and it has taken a lot of hard work, not only for them, and their instructors.

He thanked parents for supporting them and TSKR.

TSKR has many opportunities for young and old members who wish to attain black belt level and offer a free lesson to anyone wishing to try a class. TSKR has classes around Norfolk.

n Details of all classes on the website or call 01362 652855.