Dereham Runners show talent at Norfolk Sportshall League match

The second Norfolk Sportshall League match of the season took place at UEA Sportspark, Norwich and saw a record number of 205 competitors, with 12 from Dereham Runners juniors taking part.

Five of the U11s were taking part in their first big competition for the club, and all enjoyed the experience and atmosphere.

Erin McNulty, in her second competition, was joined by Elanor Ampleford and twins Abigail and Faye Smith to make up a team of four U11 girls, and they all put in very good performances to finish ninth overall with a total of 159 points – a great result given they only had a team of four.

Newcomers Archie Wakefield and Harvey Flynn joined Joseph Crane, Angus Aberdein and Tom Mackay to make up the U11 boys team. There were some excellent performances from the boys, with Tom winning his Two Lap Hurdle race, Angus coming third in his Four Lap event and the team of Angus, Joe, Tom and Harvey taking third place in the Obstacle Relay. They finished the day in third place overall with a terrific total of 282 points.

Only two U13 girls were able to attend this event, and Freya Biles and Lauren Coates both tried their hardest on the day to score points for the team. Even though a hip injury threatened to spoil Freya's afternoon, she battled through to win the Six Lap event and take second place in the Four Lap Race. The U13 Girls team were seventh overall with 136 points.

Once again, Ashley Jarvis completed the team as the only U15 boy from the Dereham club, and he had some very good results, taking third place in four of his six events and finishing third overall in the U15 Boys with 133 points.

The final league match of the season is on December 8 at Taverham High School, 11.30am to 5pm

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n Individual results:

U11Girls: Erin: 2 Lap: 28.0, 2Lap Hurdles: 31.2, Long Jump: 1.42, Vert Jump: 31, 6Lap Parlauf: 90.4, Obs Relay: 98.7. Elanor: 4 Lap: 73.8, Speed Bounce: 37,Obs Relay: 98.7. Abi: 4 Lap: 71.9, Speed Bounce: 39, Ball Throw: 4.00m, 6L Parlauf: 90.4, Obs Relay: 98.7. Faye: 2 Lap: 31.4, 2Lap Hurdles: 36.0. Vert Jump: 28, Ball Throw: 3.00m, Obs Relay: 98.7

U11 Boys: Joseph: 2 Lap: 29.9, S/Ball Throw: 6.25, Obs Relay: 91.4.Angus: 4 Lap: 56.0, Vert Jump: 35, S/Bounce: 42, Obs Relay: 91.4. Tom: 2 Lap: 26.6, 2Lap Hurdles: 27.0, Long Jump: 1.77, S/Ball Throw: 6.75, Obs Relay: 91.4. Archie: 4Lap: 64.3, Long Jump: 1.44, 6Lap Parlauf: 88.7. Harvey: 2Lap Hurdles: 30.9, Vert Jump: 32, Speed Bounce: 43, 6Lap Parlauf: 88.7, Obs Relay: 91.4.

U13 Girls:

Lauren: 2Lap: 27.3, 6Lap: 109.0, Triple Jump: 4.62. Freya: 4Lap: 56.0, 6Lap: 86.0 (1st), Triple Jump: 5.64, Speed Bounce: 70

U15 Boys: Ashley: 2 Lap: 23.0, 4Lap: 50.0 (3rd), Long Jump: 2.16, Triple Jump: 7.32 (3rd), Speed Bounce: 75 (3rd), Shot: 9.18 (3rd)

n Dereham Runners Juniors meet every Monday and Thursday at Dereham Neatherd High School – 6.30pm to 8pm. Further details from Garry Slattery on 01362 697979, mobile 07881 676317.