Difficult day on pike front

ANGLING: At Dereham and District Angling Club, only 13 small jacks were landed by the group of dedicated pike anglers attempting to qualify for the Angling Trust 2011 British Pike Championship.

Twenty anglers competed and the 13 pike landed by seven anglers ranged from 10ozs to 11lb 8ozs. Thirteen anglers blanked.

Results: 1 Nick Samjulik (1) 11-8-0 qualified, 2 Carl Osborne (3) 7-5-0 qualified, 3 Chris Wade (3) 6-2-0, 4 Peter Bennet (1) 4-9-0, 5 Gordon Shipley (2) 2-15-0, 6 Micky Edwards (2) 1-6-0, 7 Duncan Fletcher (1)0-10-0.

The next and final qualifier on Swanton Morley Fishery this winter will be Sunday,, February 27.

Contact David on 01362 637591 to book a peg.

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Bridge Farm Litcham: Results of open match on January 27: 1 Dave Bates (Kev's Tackle) 48lb 14oz, 2 Charlie Loveridge (Southery AC) 41lb 2oz, 3 Ricky James (Southery AC) 24lb 6oz.

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Next matches are today (Thursday, February 3), draw 8.45am, fish 9.45am-3.15pm. To book ring 01328 701699.

Open match held on January 30: Results: 1 Ken Gammon Highfliers 20.14.0, 2 John Rush (Dereham and District AC), 3 Dave Bates Bridge Farm 11.12.0.

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