Junior steps up to mark

BOWLS: After promotion, Dereham B men's team began the season with a convincing victory over County Arts C 94-65. Dereham included five new players. Junior Dean Rudling played very well on his debut.

Rink scores: J Moore, D Heath, O Secker, P Webster 29-12, R Cornhill, LWhite, B Joyner, T Gardner 27-15, M Hughes, D Rudling, T Rudling, R Lench 21-19 and A Dagless, J McDonagh, D Bailey, D Perkins 17-19.

On Sunday, Dereham were beaten 90-68 in the first round of the Egham Trophy by Wymondham Dell, who play two divisions above Dereham.

Rink scores: J Lacey, Mrs J Richardson, .Crane, Mrs E Sheldrake 24-16, T Hunt, Mrs M Bartholomew, Mrs Y Hunt, C Taylor 24-16, Mrs A Smith, Mrs M Harmer, G Swindell, R Lench 8-23, Mrs B Woods, A Mobbs, Mrs B McGoun, D Abbs, 12-35.

n Mark Royal, the world No 2 bowler, will be visiting Dereham IBC with his mobile shop on Wednesday, October 27 from noon to 6pm.

Bowls clothing, shoes and other equipment will be on sale.