Pavilion ready to be put up

CRICKET: At Elsing CC's annual meeting at Elsing Hall, a new committee was elected.

It is Patrick Lines, president; Terry Skipper, chairman; Alistair Wallace, captain; Christopher Westbury, vice-captain; Mel Clarke, secretary; Graham Andrews, treasurer, John Elliott, groundsman.

Terry Skipper, as the new chairman, thanked the outgoing one, Steve Clarke for all his support over approximately 16 years and more. He also thanked outgoing captain Charlie Peel and vice-captain Gavin Warmer for their support for the last five-plus years.

Thanks also went to John Elliott, groundsman, for his outstanding dedication to the club and the wicket. He was shown appreciation when he agreed to continue for a while longer.

The chairman hoped that the club will grow in the future with many more players and supporters.

Wednesday evenings will continue to be practice night, from 6.30pm onwards and will start after Easter.

The president announced the removal of the old pavilion and thanked all involved in the collection and delivery of the replacement one.

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He encouraged the construction of this new building to take place as soon as possible.