Teenager beaten by county regular


- Credit: James Bass

Junior prospect 15-year-old Jake Chapman, played Norfolk County regular, Danny Seaborne, in the County U25s, and lost 18-21 after a two-hour game.

The Dereham Club Ladies played their last County League game in the Premier Division of the NCWIBA, at home to Woodlands A and lost 65-47 (7-1). Skips rink scores: B Horne 20-13, A Smith 11-17, Y Hunt 9-15 and D Rose 7-20.

The Men's A fared no better, losing 93-59 (6-1) to Browston Hall A. Skips rink scores: P Lambert 21-18, C Taylor 15-20, J Chaney 12-26 and J Cook 11-29.

The Men's B, however, managed a 75-71 (5½-1½) shots win over Wymondham Dell C in a close game that went to the last end. Skips rink scores: B Sutton 27-21, B Goff 18-17, S Turner 15-15 and B Smith 15-18.

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