Dereham firm gives wacky TV weddings a touch of drama

Dereham Theatre Costumes has supplied costumes for the new Channel 4 show Wedding House.

The show sees which couples throw themselves at the mercy of wedding planners to create a tailor-made marriage ceremony, however ridiculous or outlandish their chosen theme.

Through word of mouth the production team contacted shop owner Kathy Dentten in search of the perfect costumes for some of their featured marriages.

'We did the Tudor wedding which was shown last week and we have also done a Regency-style, medieval, a couple of westerns and an outfit from the musical The King & I,' said Mrs Dentten.

'Carol, the lady who dresses all the wedding parties, chose what she wanted but, because they only had rough measurements, she said that as long as they were plenty big enough they could pin them to fit themselves.

'Most of the time they had their last fittings on the actual day of their weddings.'

The weddings were filmed at Sundridge Park Manor in Kent in the summer and Mrs Dentten admitted she had watched the show which featured the Tudor outfits and would try to watch the others where her costumes appeared, particularly The King and I wedding, where her flamboyant costumes proved too much for some of the more sensitive members of the party. She supplied three coats for three male guests but they refused to wear them.

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'They were lovely bright costumes, a gold and yellow, fuschia and a royal blue but they did not have enough mirth to wear them. I was also going to do three bridesmaids, but when the bride saw the dresses she said she didn't want them to wear them because they were better than her wedding dress. So, in the end, it was just the groom who wore a costume and everyone else was in standard morning dress or evening dresses. It could have been really over-the-top but it looked just like an ordinary wedding by the end.'

Dereham Theatre Costumes has had requests for outfits for themed weddings in the past, on a more local scale, but Mrs Dentten said being part of Wedding House was 'fascinating' if a little bit 'cringey'.

She added: 'I just can't stand it when they write their own vows!'

l Wedding House is on Tuesdays on Channel 4 at 8pm.